Over 70 Years of Custom Spring Manufacturing Expertise

Founded in 1946, Pa-Ted is an experienced custom spring manufacturer located in Bristol, Connecticut. Our 35,000-square-foot ISO-9001:2015 certified, highly skilled facility can produce a wide variety of custom springs, including:

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide complete spring production services ranging from spring design and configuration to prototyping, production to special packaging, consignment, stocking programs and forecast requirements to logistics.

Material Flexibility

Depending on the unique application of each job, we can create custom designed wire forms, springs and stampings from numerous types of materials to include all grades of steel, stainless steel, brass, beryllium copper or other customer needs.

We are able to work with wire sizes ranging from .005″ (.127mm) – .225″(5.71mm) for compression springs, torsion springs, double torsion springs and wire forms, and strip thicknesses from .005″(.127mm) – .070″(1.78mm) for flat springs, small stampings and multi-forms.

Worldwide Spring Solutions

We offer worldwide manufacturing services to clients in North America, Mexico, Europe and Asia. Our custom springs serve reliably in a wide range of industries, including:

  • Automotive
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Medical
  • Amusement
  • Lighting
  • Electronics
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power Generation
  • Pool Covers Springs and Clips
  • Gym Floor Springs
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Transportation
  • Defense
  • Firearms
  • Corded and Cordless Power Hand Tools

Quality Spring Manufacturing

We’ve built our reputation on our quality and understand that our continued success relies on maintaining this competitive edge. That’s why for Pa-Ted, quality is part of every step in our production process. We carefully review all blueprint details and specifications, and our engineers account for all environmental and performance aspects of each spring application. Then we analyze each step from order entry through the entire production process to ensure all specifications are met.

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